News from Bunnies


Dear parents, grandparents, and friends, greetings from the Bunnies Group!

Welcome everyone to the new school year! This week we began our first unit of the new school year titled “Rainbow Fish.” Let’s see what we did!

This week we began a fresh new school year. Therefore, we learned all about the class rules, the different rooms in the school and the names of all the people in the Bunnies class. We have soo many friends in the Bunnies class!

This week we began learning the story of the Rainbow Fish. The Rainbow Fish learns that it is a positive thing to share his beautiful scales. Now all the children in the Bunnies class love to share all their toys with their friends!

We began our “Sea World” unit art project this week in the Bunnies class. Everyone helped paint our sea blue. Next week we will add some beautiful sea creatures to our sea world!

We will continue our unit on the “Rainbow Fish” next week in the Bunnies class.

See you then!

Your Bunnies Teachers

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