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Dear parents, grandparents, and friends, greetings from the Bunnies Group!

This week in the Bunnies class we continued our unit titled “Busy, Busy, Bugs.” We made some beautiful lady bugs and bees this week, continued with our fly swatter art, had school photo day and caught some bugs swimming in water with nets in the garden!

Last week we started making our fly swatter art by dipping fly swatters in paint and pressing them on yellow pieces of paper. This week we made some beautiful ladybugs and bees and glued them to it. Everyone had to use their logic skills and fine motor skills to make the bugs and attach them to the pieces of paper. BZZZZZZZZ!

Image 1

Image 2

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Image 8 

This week was class photo day. Everyone got dressed up and put on their best smile for the camera. Cheese!

Image 9

We finished the week by catching different kinds of bugs in water with nets. Everyone learned the different names of the bugs and then took turns catching them with nets. Everyone got nice and wet in the end!

Image 10

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Image 13

Our “Busy, Busy, Bugs” unit will continue next week.

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See you then!

Your Bunnies Teachers