6.1.-10.1.2020 in the Fox Group

How we set off for a new adventure with a waterdrop…

This week haven´t we only welcomed only a new topic called „The adventure of a waterdrop“ but also two new friends – Frederik and Henry. We are glad they joined our class and we hope they will have a brilliant time with us.:)

On Monday we started to learn about the watercycle, different states of matter of water, experiments we can do with waterdrops and many other cool things. Have a peek!

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Tuesday was a trip day and we learnt so much about great Czech composer Bedřich Smetana and his composed music pieces – you all surely know „Vltava“. The children got into a role of a conducter and tried to compose their own song. We drew a poster what Vltava is about, danced and laughed a lot.

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During other days we obviously didn´t forget to do lots of sport and exercise, learn to play new games, be creative and have fun with our friends.

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Have a very lovely weekend, Relax and see you all on Monday.

With greetings,

Your Foxes.