3.2.-7.2.2020 in the Fox Group

Waterdrop travelling around Africa..

This week our waterdrop travelled around Africa. We spoke about many African animals, repeated their names and had a look in a map, where they are living. We thougt as well about difference between shimpansee and orang-utan or between african and indian elephant.

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We read Jungle book in german and spoke a lot about this story. Together we made a big jungle picture as well. With Moughli and Sherekan, of course!

We welcomed a new friend, introduced ourselves and showed him our class. We song Head and shoulders in czech and german. We know it already very well.

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In our morning sport we learned a new german song, Krokodil vom Nil, and had to correct some informations there, which we found in an animal book.

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We discovered our body: We compared our body to a paper skeleton and thought together, what is the difference between living person and a skeleton or between girls and boys. We had a look into our belly. What happens with a strawberry we eat? And if we drink? Where is our stomach? How does our stomach work? It was very funny to see a gummi ball moving like a stomach. In a drinking experiment we felt where does liquid go into our stomach. After that, we could feel it as well with a delicious lunch!

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We played together a board game and made puzzle.

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This week we were as well in the gym. We played african games like tiger running to home, we could feel sun shinig on ice or went to a long and dangerous journey with food for our african mother.

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On the last day of the week we were on the big playground, together with bunnies and lion kids. We had lot of fun there!

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In our free play we could feel how is it to be a cat running from home, we build as well 3D paper objects, made play-doh cakes or Spidermen and created a pop-up book.

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That was our week.

We are looking forward to see you all on monday.

Have a nice weekend!

Your Foxes (Monika)