Meals at Villa Luna

Nursery schools and kindergartens lay foundations for life, and this also applies to the areas of healthy eating and lifestyle. 

At Villa Luna, we provide balanced and varied meals 3 times a day, and we ensure that adequate fresh fruit and vegetables are included in the menu every day. We also introduce the children to some non-traditional healthy dishes, and guide them towards independence and good table manners. If required, we provide for special dietary needs. 


Meals at Villa Luna

  • A healthy, varied and well balanced diet
  • Consultation with a nutritional specialist
  • Creating good drinking habits and preference for
    unsweetened drinks
  • Educational programs for children about healthy eating
  • Cooking activity club for children
  • Teaching independence while dining


We cooperate with Ekolandia s.r.o., which specializes in healthy catering for children. The lunches they deliver are varied and contain all the important ingredients for the proper development of children. Various types of meat (e.g. fish, poultry, beef), fresh vegetables and fruit, legumes, cereal products and dairy products are regularly represented in the menu. In addition to traditional ingredients, also (non)traditional ingredients such as bulgur, buckwheat, millet or tofu are used. 


It is very important for us how our children eat, which is why we design the snack content in collaboration with a nutritional specialist. The snacks are varied and include dairy products, as well as various kinds of homemade spreads, fruit and vegetable smoothies, homemade cakes and various types of bakery products and cereal porridges. The children always have a selection of fresh seasonal vegetables or fruit with each snack. 


Example of the Weekly Menu

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Snack I. Whipped white yogurt with honey,
fruit, milk /7
oatmeal, seeds,
milk /1,7
Bread with butter and cheese,
vegetables, milk /1,7
oatmeal, seeds,
milk /1,7
Homemade creamy pudding,
mandarin /7
Soup Spinach cream soup
Tuscan bean soup
Vegetable soup with buckwheat
Creamy carrot soup
with ginger /1,3,7
Chicken broth with
bulgur /1,3,7
Main Course Flatfish fillet in batter,
mashed potatoes,
cucumber salad /1,3,4,7
Provencal chicken breast,
couscous, peas /1,3,7
Chickpea ragout with Hokaido
pumpkin, basmati rice
Mini spelt dumplings with
pure vanilla custard
vanilkou /1,3,7
Savoury lentils with
boiled eggs,
pickles /1,3,7
Snack II. Bread with chive,
tomatoes /1,7
Corn porridge with
fruit /7
Bread with tofu spread
vegetables /1,7,9
Bread with bean spread
red peppers /1,7
Homemade apricot cake
milk /1,7