Our Educational Philosophy 

"We support children in their search for creative solutions, and we guide them towards group cooperation and mutual tolerance. We increase their self-esteem through a positive approach."

Villa Luna is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Czech Republic. Our educational philosophy is in accordance with the pre-school education curriculum framework. It also draws on our international experiences and corresponds with the principles of our methodology. 


Our View of a Child's Personality 

Our work with children is based on our perspective of a child's personality. We view each child individually, taking into account his or her level of development, his or her needs, interests and past experiences. We approach the child based on the knowledge of all these aspects. 

Our Educational Objectives 

The basic objective of our educational philosophy is to develop each child in physical, psychological and social areas to such a degree, that when the child enters school, he or she is unique and independent, ready to handle future demands without difficulty. 

Basic Pillars: 

  • We develop the personality of each child, and his or her learning and discovering
  • We create the foundations of the values on which our society and the world are founded
  • We develop each child's personal independence

Specific Objectives:  

  • Bilingualism and communication in a foreign language
  • Tolerance in a multicultural environment
  • Creativity
  • High-quality preparation for school
  • Discovering and supporting talents
  • Environmental education and a healthy lifestyle

Our Work Methods 

Our work methods are based on the idea "The journey is the goal". We primarily stress the importance of active learning. We teach the children to not be afraid of making mistakes, because those who do not make mistakes cannot create anything original due to their fear of failure. That is why our basic work method is the project method, which gives the children opportunities to experience adventure and satisfaction from independent discovery. We also use a number of elements from the Montessori and Step by Step methods.  

All activities take place in the most natural and fun way, that is in the form of play. We use situational learning, based on creating situations that provide the child with understandable practical examples of life contexts. Through this, the child learns skills and knowledge when he or she needs them, thereby better understanding their meaning. Also, free spontaneous play has an irreplaceable role, and provides the children with free choice and decision making, and natural cooperation with other children.

We use playful and natural methods for acquiring a foreign language. We create a natural bilingual environment for the children, in which they learn easily and quickly based on the immersion method..

Our educational work is based on regularly monitoring the child's progress and needs. Only in this way is it possible to ensure that each child is positively motivated towards his or her own efforts in the way and degree that suits the child. Thus the child can make optimal progress according to his or her capabilities and feel successful. 

We regularly communicate with parents about the progress of their child, and together plan the optimal process for their education.