What were Foxes up to from the 25.11. till 29.11.2019?

A week full of wonder, magic, mystery, Christmas and history…😊

On Monday frosty morning someone knocked the Fox class door. We were curious who it could be and opened the door carefully…We found  a winter fairy called Snowflake (Vločka) there. Snowflake came with us to the classroom and we noticed she had a letter attached to her wings. The letter said a mean wizard called Zloboděj had stolen the Christmas from Santa and if we don´t find it, there would be no Christmas this year!

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 All children and teachers agreed that we can´t keep it this ways and we are ready to overcome all obstacles prepared for us by the mean wizard that wants to stop us. Twice a week the wizard will send us a letter with a special task we have to accomplish to win the Christmas back…His first task was to find his lost hat, magic cards and his spell book. And guess what…the children managed!

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On Tuesday we went for a trip to Chateau Mníšek pod Brdy. As soon as we arrived a queen of the Chateau welcomed us together with her friend Elsa and they gave us an interesting tour. The children have learned about traditional Christmas traditions and saw a beautiful chateu interier. They also had a beautiful Betlehem in front of the Chateau!

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In the gym we practised catching and throwing a ball as well as other disciplines making us stronger and healthier. With bigger muscles we can face the mean wizard more easily and win the Christmas back. We did arm exercises most of the week as they help us when we write, draw and do other fine motor activities.

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On Friday we got another letter from the twizard telling us we had to make a painting/picture of him so he could decorate his scary black house with it. We made a collage out of many dark materials we could have found – textiles, pompoms, threads, crepe papers and many others. Everyone was curious what can be used to create an art piece. Our picture of wizard looked very creepy. We hope he likes it, takes it and we are going to have only 6 more tasks to complete…lets see. We at least certainly tried our best. To atract the Christmas , we started to practise singing Christmas songs, lightened a first candle on our advent wreath and decorated the classroom. We also baked with our intern Emily  and decorated our lovely cookies.:)

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Have a lovely weekend and we hope to see you all on Monday.

With love,

Your Foxes.