Week 8.-12.6. in the Fox Group

The life of a bee is a very big adventure..and our photoshooting day as well!

This week we started with a collecting of informations of a bee life. Now we know, how a bee is born, how and what she eats, how we can recognise the queen and what she does or how to make honey.

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We spent a lot of time outside, playing and watching for insect. It is very easy to see different kinds of insect as well as to let them walk on our hands. We saw many ants in the sand playground and we feed them, we saw as well some bumblebees, bees, wasps or beetles.

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Wem a big adventurous journey to the forrest. It was after a really rainy night, so we searched for insect, which comes in a wet weather. The muddy ground made a good space for earthworms or frogs. Imagine, we saw a blind worm as well! We played as well in the muddy ground, balanced and jumped.

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The second biggest adventure was our photoshooting day. We enjoyed to be hidden in the big white box and make different poses. We enjoyed as well to be behind the camera, playing with our geometry pillows as well as watch our friends in front of it.

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Our Olga is back!

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Wem made a street sport and learned about importance of red, yellow and green collour and how to behave there.

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We repeated songs in czech and german language for preschoolers graduation, which will come next week.

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Wem made a different other sports activities – how the bugs are walking, how to massage our body parts or jump on collours.

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We repeated our known insect names and learned new one.

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We made a big poster with our question – what can be hidden in the gras?

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In our free play we made many role playes, experiments and draw a lot.

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And – last but not least – we made a very nice book all together as a gift for our friend Clementine.

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That was our week.

Enjoy the very nice weather this weekend and we will see us on Monday!

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