Week 25.-29.5. in the Fox group

.. and which insect are you?

This week we started to speak, do, feel and repeat our new topic.

„What can be hidden in the grass?“ is now our biggest question.

In the next month we want to explore the nature, see what is hidden and learn many words, which are connected with our topic. So we can speak about our discoveries with our friends and families. In both languages, of course.

This week we focused on the background – where does insect live? How do you say in czech and german words like grass, garden, forrest, meadow, stone, tree or soil?

Image 1

Image 2

We had a look on our own knowledges – what do we already know about insect? Which sorts do we know, which do we recognise from others? What ist the difference between bee, wasp and humblebee?

Image 10

Image 11

Some of them we could ob serve "life", for exaple a small spider.

Image 31

We played with insect toys, drawed them and spoke about them.

Image 4

Image 5

Image 12

Every child got an insect nickname. We are strong as a stone, hardworking as a bee or strong as an ant.

Image 27

Image 28

Image 29

Image 30

Image 32

Image 33

We welcomed our new friend Ríša and showed him our favourite toys. Hello Ríša! Nice to meet you!

Image 6

Image 19

Now we have in our class as well a new insect friend, a caterpillar. We can observe, how it live and one day maybe, how it will change herself to a nice butterfly.

Image 14

Image 15

Image 16

Image 17

Image 18

We made a catterpillar art on different ways.

Image 3

Image 24

Image 25

Image 26

We made as well many sport activities, in our class and in the small gym. Jumping like a grasshopper or shaking with colourful shakers was really funny.

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Image 35

.. and we could finally go to an outdoor playground!

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Image 37

Now we are really looking forward to our next week – there are many new czech and german words waiting for us. And – on Monday there is an international childrens day! Which suprises will bring us that day?

.. and what did Boris brought to our garden?

Image 38

Image 39

Have a nice sunny weekend!

Your Foxes (Monika)