Overnight Trip in Nature

Cheerful calls of "Hurray we’re going to see Krakonoš" were heard in the bus, when we were leaving Prague to go on our overnight trip in nature to Malá Úpa.

Our teacher told us that Krakonoš (or Rübezahl, the folklore mountain spirit of the Krkonoše Mountains) is a very good master who cares for the forest and the animals, and she promised us that if we diligently help him, he may reward us with treasure.

And so as soon as we arrived at our cottage in the mountains, we were trying to figure out where Krakonoš was and how we could help him.

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When our teacher told us that we would definitely find Krakonoš in the woods, we did not hesitate and every day we searched for a sign of him.

Image 2

On our journeys we met various animals and learned a lot about flowers and trees.

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We also had a lot of fun while rolling down a hill and balancing on a rope between two trees.

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And our playground in front of the cottage and cooking sausages over a fire...all were wonderful!

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One morning, when we got a letter from Krakonoš saying we should go look for his treasure, we were very excited and couldn't wait to set out.

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The journey was challenging, but in the end we really found it!!

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What joy!!

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And just imagine that at the end of our adventures, we got real medals!!

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We are already looking forward to next year and new experiences.

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