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Dear parents, grandparents, and friends, greetings from the Bunnies Group!

This week at Villa Luna we continued our unit on “The Rainbow Fish.” We also learned about proper hygiene, about the different parts of our faces and about how to properly clean up the Bunnies classroom. Let’s take a look at what we did!

Do you have brown eyes? Do you have blonde hair? This week our little Bunnies asked themselves these questions. Then we used our logic skills to draw portraits of ourselves. We even had time to draw portraits of our family members!

In the Bunnies class we love to play but sometimes our classroom can become a real mess. When this happens it’s very important to clean up after ourselves. This week we all learned how to properly clean up our classroom and where each toy should go.

Proper hygiene is very important in the Bunnies classroom. Whenever we sneeze in our hands we need to wash them right away. Our little Bunnies learned all about this this week during our germ transfer experiment. This will keep us from spreading dirty germs all over our beautiful toys. Soap and water, soap and water, wash your hands!

We continued our “Sea World” unit art project this week in the Bunnies class.

We will continue our unit on the “Rainbow Fish” next week in the Bunnies class.

See you then!

Your Bunnies Teachers

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