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Dear parents, grandparents, and friends, greetings from the Bunnies Group!

This week in the Bunnies class we continued our unit on “Native Americans.” We learned a bit about Pocahontas, did some Teepee Art and continued our Totem art project. Let’s take a look at what we did!

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We began the week by learning about who Pocahontas was. She was a Native American who lived a long time ago. She slept in a Teepee and liked to make Totem poles in the forest. All the Bunnies learned that Native Americans have a beautiful history and culture.

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All the children at Villa Luna this week helped build and decorate a giant Teepee in the garden.

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The Bunnies kids also began their very own Teepee Art. We started by painting our Teepees various patterns and colours of our choosing. We will then have to use our fine motor skills to roll up the papers and to cut doors in our Teepees.

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This week we also continued our unit Totem art project.

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We will continue our unit on Native Americans next week.

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See you then!

Your Bunnies Teachers