Foxes 14.-18.10.2019

What secrets are hiding in the forest...?

Children have started their new project full of excitement and curiosity. Since early Monday morning they explored natural materials from the woods such as rosehips, wood, bark, pines, leaves, mushrooms and other autumn treasures.

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Some children showed interest in crafting their own pine trees so we did….

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We learnt to work with a microscope and binoculars….¨

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Each day must start with a good exercise…

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During circle time we started to sing new autumn songs and recite autumn poems. We discussed what is forest, what we can find in it and we sorted what does belong there and what doesn´t. We were singing our new Autumn songs such as „Koulelo se koulelo“, „Já do lesa nepojedu“, „Der Herbst is da“ and many others. Some children can already remember all the lyrics so we are adding a few more poems to our Autumn list.:)

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This was one of our biggest hobbies this week.:)

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Children showed a deep interest in recognising animal foot prints and we provided them different ways of learning about them.

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Have a peek what beautiful autumn medals we made this week!

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Our gym focused on running skills, balance and space orientation in the gym which is something we need to practise…

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On Friday we went to feed animals in our neighbourhood and we explored their habitants and food they eat. We discovered two new playgrounds and had so much fun in there – with leaves, chestnuts, new swings, slides and so on.

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We are very excited about our upcoming trip to the pumpkin farm to gain even more autumn experiences.:)

Have a foxtastic weekend!:)