2.3.-6.3.2020 in the Fox Group

Look out, there are chucks coming to you!

This week we learned a lot about life cycle of a hen. We found out the connection between egg, chicken and hen and now we are curious to see it live!

We started the week with baking of our own bread. Just like the hen in our story. We had lot of fun doing the dough, looking on the fresh hot bread and it was very delicious to taste it. We went as well to other classes and gave them some bread to try.

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We repeated our „Little red hen“ story and learned the names of animals in czech and german.

We learned as well new songs, „Backe backe Kuchen“ in german about baking a cake together and „Když jsem já sloužil“ in czech about many farm animals. Now we know, how to say chicken, pig or cow in both languages.  We showed it to our visit, Matthiew from bunnies.

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We made a farm dance while searching for animals.

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On Tuesday there was a big adventure! There were little chicken coming to our kindergarten. We learned a lot about different birds, got the difference between hen, cock, turkey or ostrich. We could sit on an egg and wait for chicken and touch a hen. The biggest adventure will come in two weeks: we will see chicken came from “our” eggs! We are looking forward to it.

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As a thank you we drawed, which chicken will come to each of us.

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The first lesson of our swimming workshop was successful.

The not swimmers made a kinetic sand from flour and started our fox football team.

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In the gym we run a lot and played with balls. We enjoyed the stop-dance a lot.

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We painted a lot as well and played with a special toy, life cyclus of a hen.

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That was our week.

We wish you a nice weekend and see you all on Monday!

Your Foxes (Moinika)