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Dear parents, grandparents, and friends, greetings from the Bunnies Group!

This week at Villa Luna we concluded our unit on “The Rainbow Fish.” It was a very special week because we finished our sea world art project and had a big rainbow fish party to celebrate the end of the unit!

Our giant sea world project is finally complete! This week we added some starfish and octopi to our beautiful world under the sea. Now all the Bunnies can admire our beautiful sea world creation!

This week was the final week of our project on “The Rainbow Fish”. To prepare for it we spent some time at the beginning of the week practicing all the songs and vocabulary we learned in the past month.

On Thursday we had our big “Rainbow Fish” party! Everyone in the Bunnies class wore blue colours to match our sea world. We then performed all the songs we learned during our unit.

The main theme of “The Rainbow Fish” story is sharing. Therefore, our little Bunnies decorated some giant scales that we then gave to the Lions, Foxes and Cubs class. Sharing makes us happy!

Next week we will begin our unit on “Ciperka the Squirrel and Friends”

See you then!

Your Bunnies Teachers

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