9.3.-13.3.2020 in the Fox Group

  „Wash us, we are very dirty!“

This week we made many different activities to learn, how to protect the health of yourself and of our friends. We made some workshops to learn, how to wash our hands properly, we saw a movie to learn more about why to was our hands (they are looking like wery clean every time, don’t they?) as well as importance of using our elbow while sneezing.

Image 24

We had a lot of fun trying our „corona sport“ like superheros and made a researche about that new virus. Maybe.. we know now more than adults about that! We know already „not only“ how to protect ourselves, as well as how this virus looks like, why it is called like a crown or that it can jump very fast and on a long distance to go to another people.

Image 29

Image 30

We made a bit of other activities as well, of course! We made a picture for our friend, the old lady Jarmila from our gym. We tried to paint one big picture with pom poms and clothes pegs. It was not so easy to get cooperated in such a big group and only one paper.

Image 1

Image 2

Our creative mind was used as well in painting paper plates with a paint roller – we will do red hens out of that next week!

Image 21

Image 22

We created a paper spring flower. Origami is not easy, but very nice.

Image 16

Image 17

We took our „green thumb“ as the Germans say and put seeds into earth. Now we are really curious, how our cucumbers, tomatoes or other vegetabels will look like! Let’s observe it and not forget to put there some water regularly as well.

Image 26

Image 25

Image 13

We repeated the Red hen story. We know it already very well!

Image 19

Image 20

Image 27

Image 28

We made a chicken dance and were as well in the small gym in our house. We moved like chicken, hen, slot hor jaguar and some of us jumped for the first moment with a jump rope! We liked it sooo much that we couldn’t stop and wanted more and more. We walked as well with a pom pon „egg“ on a spoon and tried to be really fast!

Image 4

Image 5

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Image 8

Image 9

Image 10

Image 0

And.. last but not least – we had a lot of visit this week. Monika took her fruits friends to our group. There was „Clementine Mandarine Braunbär“ and „Oscar Banane Henry Banane“ to have a look, how we behave, how we say sorry, help other children, pay attention on our teacher or clean up after ourselves. We made a whole-day-competition with them and were very curious, who will bet he winner.

We were as well on the big playground next to our gym, with swing and carrousel. And lions. And sing for them as well our german songs we know very well.

In our free play we wanted to learn more about whales, we built bow and arrow and wanted to know, what happens with wood in watter.. and we saw as well with our third eye 😉

Image 3

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That was our week.

We wish you healthy and peaceful weekend.

We will see us next time!

And do not forget: „Wash us, we are very dirty!“