20.1.-24.1.2020 in the Fox Group

"How does it feel to be fast like huricane? What ist tornado? What can happen, if warm and cold air meet together? "

This week we spoke about the connection between wind and water. In many movement and art activities we discovered all kinds of wind. Now we know more about breeze, storm, tornado or huricane.

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We observed an air balloon and made our own with blow pens. It was very funny to add our own ideas of animals or people flying in our balloons!

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Our water drop travelled to Canada. At first, we had a look how we can go there. Aeroplane could be a good idea. How do you say it in german?

 We read our favourite books to know more about animals living there and used this knowledge in our free play. Are there pinguins as well?

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In our own ecosystem we found small snales! Let’s observe them in next weeks. Do they be bigger?

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We researched our own body and compared it with our paper model. The questions were: How important is our heart? Which noises does it make? What is the function of our lungs? We had to control our teeth as well, of course. 

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On thursday, we enjoyed our stay in the nice decorated gym. We played some wind games and balanced on banches. To jump on the "goat" was not so easy!

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We repeated geometry shapes in movement plays, searching for things in our classroom.

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Additionally we learned a lot in our own play. For example, how to build a good murble run, how the children are born or what you can see under a microscope. Some of us made as well our own books, our favourite activity.

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We are looking forward to our adventure in the next week!

I can tell you: it will be very cold..

Have a nice weekend and see you all on monday,

your Foxes (Monika)