17.2.-21.2.2020 in the Fox Group

Welcome to the carnival week!  

This week we had a lot of fun!

We started with speaking about old czech "masopust" traditions while watching old czech children movie. We learned about traditional costumes, food or musical instruments.

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After that we celebrated Monikas birthday with czech, german and english songs as well as with a big hug. Happy birthday, Monika!

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We built clowns from paper puzzle and geometry shapes.

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We made a nice carnival decoration for our class using different materials. We could find there as well letters of our names!

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.. and as well for our face.

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We had nice time outside, walking around our kindergarten and searching for colourful objects while singing czech and german songs or playing in a big playground next to our big gym. We enjoyed looking to the sky while swinging and wanted to know, how is it to dance in sand.

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We baked fried cakes called Berliner / koblihy and could smell yeast.

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We made an old czech tradition and painted a big colourful contrabass. Do you know what does this tradition mean?

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On Thursday we practiced carnival atmosphere for the next day and played a big wholeclass theatre. We experienced how is it to play policemen, firemen, princess, doctor or cook and what to make, if somebody feels very bad and needs help.

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We found out new carnival plays.

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Our kindergarten week ended with a carnival party. Everybody was in a nice dress. We made delicious "Kebab" from fruits and had a lot of fun in the gym.

Music, dancing, laughing and showing our dress made our day!

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And of course, not to forget our cotrabass :) Bye Bye winter, we are looking forward to the spring!

In our free play we built a bee hotel from hard paper, looked to microscope and found a lion or wrote our name into rice.

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We wish you a nice weekend.

See you all on Monday.

Your Foxes (Monika)